Ginger extract and Green tea what it is and what it does


Ginger is one of the oldest medicinal spices. It contains unique substances such as gingerol and zingerone.

What it does :

Ginger is used as a warming analgesic, with anti-inflammatory and anti-sickness properties. It is taken for various reasons including motion and morning sickness, indigestion, colds and fevers.

Recommended dosage : 100mg standardised ginger extract. A cup of ginger tea contains the equivalent of about 250mg of the powdered herb.


Green tea possesses compounds that boost energy and may provide protection against premature ageing and possibly heart disease.

What it is : Green tea is made from the leaves of the camelia bush. The lack of fermentation gives green tea its unique flavour and helps to preserve almost all of the naturally present polyphenols. Can be enjoed as a beverage or a supplement.

According to Chinese legend, green tea was first drunk about 2700BC .

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